psilocybin mushroom

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Psilocybin mushroom

psilocybin mushroom

The Psilocybin or magic mushrooms are naturally occurring and are consumed for their hallucinogenic effects. They belong to a group of drugs known as psychedelics, because of the changes experienced to perception, mood and thought. The key ingredient found in magic mushrooms is psilocybin. When psilocybin is taken, it is converted in the body to psilocin, which is the chemical with the psychoactive properties. buy liberty caps online – buy shrooms online – buy shrooms online – magic mushrooms for sale – munchies for sale – shrooms for sale.

What do they look like?

Magic Mushrooms(Shrooms) Online New Zealand,Australia

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Magic mushrooms look much like ordinary mushrooms. There are many different types of magic mushrooms. The most common ones in Australia are called golden tops, blue meanies and liberty caps. They can also come as dried material in capsules. Synthetic psilocybin appears as a white crystalline powder that can be processed into tablets or capsules, or dissolved in water. buy liberty caps online – buy shrooms online – buy shrooms online – magic mushrooms for sale – munchies for sale – shrooms for sale.

How are they used?

Magic mushrooms are eaten fresh, cooked or brewed into a tea. The dried version is sometimes smoked, mixed with cannabis

Types Of Magic Mushrooms – psilocybin mushroom

There are currently just under 200 know types of psilocybin mushrooms. Of these, psilocybe cubensis is the most common and makes up the majority of magic mushroom products on the market.psilocybin mushroom

Psilocybe Cubensis

This is the most popular of all the magic mushrooms that is cultivate and sold. Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms can be distinguish by their large caps and cinnamon hue. These magic mushrooms is commonly refer to as “golden caps”

Psilocybe Cyanescens

The majority of people refer to these mushrooms as “wavy caps” because of their wavy and large mushroom tops. This species of shroom is know to be intense in effects and a bit small in size.

Psilocybe Azurescen

Discovered by Paul Stamets, these Magic Mushrooms/shrooms have the reputation of being one of the most potent mushrooms in the world. It is native in the west coast of the United States and are commonly refer to as the “flying saucer” mushroom. Buy mushroom online for sale.

Amanita Muscaria

Although not commonly use in Canadian society, these mushrooms is use in many indigenous cultures for shamanic purposes.

Here is the list of many favourite magic mushroom strains:

Medical Uses Of psilocybin mushroom

The beneficial properties of magic mushrooms is put to the test for ages. After all this time, it is hard to dispute that the therapeutic benefits have major medicinal value.   However, shrooms(magic mushrooms) have not completely made it out of the shadows as of yet. This means medical research in this wonder drug is still in its infancy.  But even in the early stages, a plethora of medical uses of shrooms have been discovered.    Here are some of the most common medical conditions that are treated using magic mushrooms:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction Cessation
  • Cancer-Related Psychological Conditions
  • Stress
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Cluster Headaches

Effects of magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can affect everyone differently, based on:

  • Size, weight and health
  • Whether the person is used to taking it
  • Whether other drugs are taken around the same time
  • The amount taken
  • The strength of the mushroom (varies depending on the type of mushroom)

The effects of magic mushrooms usually begin in 30 minutes when eaten, or within 5–10 minutes when taken as a soup or tea, and can last for approximately 4–6 hours.

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psilocybin mushroom
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